Hoarding Tendencies

DarkTaleTip asks: Do you hoard anything? Lorem: Well… yes. But it’s a little embarrassing, and I’m not entirely sure I should talk about it… Ipsum: Lorem fancies they’re quite fierce, but I’ve seen it. They hoard flowers, daisies especially! You should see them with a crown of flowers, it’s simply the cutest thing in the world! Lorem: Ipsum,…Read more »

Dragon Careers

tombfyre asks: Do any of you have careers you’re currently pursuing? If not, how about hobbies and/or life goals? (Note: linked blog may not be safe for work.) Lorem: We certainly do! But first, a quick note here, because we’re changing our answer format! Previously, we’ve had our illustrator (whom also happens to be our writer) draw four individual…Read more »

Just a Bite

Anonymous roommate asks: So, under what circumstances do y’all bite?   A short answer post for my roommate, who asked me this one by leaving a notecard on the physical illustrations I had of these in the house. Lorem and Ipsum are total softies, so don’t believe they ate anyone! They do, however, need to…Read more »

Lorem Speedpaint

I decided to take a brief break this evening and try Colors! 3D again. (WIP video available here.) I had used this application previously for quite a few works. Being an application on the 3DS and non-Windows tablets only makes it somewhat difficult for me to stream art from, but I am sincerely considering getting a 3DS…Read more »

Fire Breathing, Part Deux

Bard Bloom asks: What’s your favorite breath weapon? A not-quite-followup to the previous post about breath weapons. In this one, I’m trying a lighter set of lines and a less washed out appearance for both Lorem and Ipsum, as well as a minor variation of angle to get the right interplay between the two. Both of…Read more »

And we’re back!

   Pardon the wait. I had an unannounced business trip (other than on Twitter) that had me gone for two weeks. I’m back now! I’m also doing another round of “Ask Lorem and Ipsum” anything. Simply reply where you find this post and I’ll add you to the queue. Since my queue is currently empty, if…Read more »