Dragon Earth

sulmere asks: What world do you live on? An alternate earth? Secretly on “earth prime?” Somewhere else altogether?


The comic dragons hail from an Earth very similar to our own, except not all of the large dinosaurs went extinct. We know the surviving ones on our own planet as having evolved into birds and reptiles, but on the world of the comic drakes, larger dinosaurs evolved into dragons with varying degrees of sapience.

As a note, quantum entanglement does not work this way as we currently understand it. But if it did, entangled particles between two universes could conceivably communicate with one another, by permuting the system in one universe to attempt to pass information to another.

In canon, this is how they are able to share their information with us, and in general, their technology is near our own in research and complexity. Physical transfer between worlds, however, is still impossible, but it’s a good bet that their technological advances have factored into our own and vice versa.

Coincidentally, this is the second comic in which Ipsum has appeared on his own, but the first in which he has chosen to address the audience on his own. I see him as something of a huge science nerd, with a less outspoken personality than Lorem, until you get him talking about something he likes to study. His personality is very much one I relate to, and is very similar to how I might approach people in person.