Dragon Careers

tombfyre asks: Do any of you have careers you’re currently pursuing? If not, how about hobbies and/or life goals?

(Note: linked blog may not be safe for work.)

lipsumdrake two part panel

Lorem: We certainly do! But first, a quick note here, because we’re changing our answer format!

Previously, we’ve had our illustrator (whom also happens to be our writer) draw four individual panels for each post we’ve made. That wasn’t really working for logistical reasons, so we’re going to try the format of a more traditional Q&A blog. Our writer tells me they’re all the rage over there, and this should allow us to speak more with you without waiting for his schedule to align with what we want to say!

I’m told that the format we’ve chosen is similar to what a person named sulmere uses on Tumblr. One header image and a bit of text passed along to our writer to translate for all of you. Of course, since we share this blog, we’ll have our writer occasionally denote which of us is speaking: both by a leading name and use of our favorite colors! I hope he translated that faithfully for me in this entry.

And, um… you had something you wanted to add, Ipsum?

Ipsum: Indeed. I just wanted to say that, while Lorem has been the one primarily running this blog and speaking with our writer, that we might also occasionally answer questions individually. It depends on our schedules, as we are very busy drakes in our own right! That was all.

Lorem: Great! So the question. I’m not entirely sure what you mean about hobbies or life goals, but we certainly do have careers! I do a bit of mail courier and computing work out of the lair here. Our writer tells me this is similar to what you have over there?

I guess I don’t really know how advanced your technology is, but Ipsum told me it should be pretty similar, being from a parallel version of our own world and all. Something about preservation of causality that I didn’t entirely understand. Maybe he explained it better?

Ipsum: And I work out of a laboratory institute, as a biologist with a minor in physics. But in addition to the office, I also have my own setup here at home — I assure you, with proper isolation from the rest of our lair and a fume hood to prevent accidents! But these are usually only for the smallest of experiments or things unrelated to my day job — perhaps that’s what you meant by a “hobby”?

I suppose if I could be said to have a long-term goal over my long life, it would be to publish work as great as my egg father and mentor. While he’s looking to retire in a few years, he’s practically legendary in the community for biotechnology and mathematics, and he taught me much of what I know outside of college and postdoctoral studies.

Lorem: Great! That wraps up the first of these. We’ll try to do a few more with the questions we have in our backlog, and occasionally bribe — I mean, pay — our writer to draw us more panels. We can’t guarantee that will be on a common basis, but he has told us that he’ll take panels at request if you really want to see them for one of your questions.

That’s all the time we have for now! Do keep sending us more questions: we love this idea of cross-dimensional blogging and would like to keep doing it if we can!


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  1. Quite the fantastic writeup. 🙂 Hooray for cross-dimensional correspondence! I might have to investigate your little slice of the multiverse, and see if it needs a Fyreworks outlet location. :3


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