Hoarding Tendencies

DarkTaleTip asks: Do you hoard anything?


Lorem: Well… yes. But it’s a little embarrassing, and I’m not entirely sure I should talk about it…

Ipsum: Lorem fancies they’re quite fierce, but I’ve seen it. They hoard flowers, daisies especially! You should see them with a crown of flowers, it’s simply the cutest thing in the world!

Lorem: Ipsum, I… he’s right.

I have a rather large garden and an extensive love for botany. I find gardening to be very relaxing, especially when the birds are singing in the morning! It’s so nice to go out there with a nice cup of tea and work at the garden.

Which reminds me. Ipsum here has quite an extensive tea collection! Although I’m not sure if he prefers to hoard tea or gadgets. It’s a mystery!

Ipsum: I hoard tea gadgets and gadgets that make tea! And don’t you forget it! … hmph.

Hoarding in our culture is pretty common, and we generally have a fairly good knack for whatever we hoard. Perhaps that’s what you folks meant by a “hobby” before? If so, we most definitely have those! Especially little Lorem here.

Lorem: Hey!

(Apologies these had been delayed. Some things happened at home, and I’m only now getting the chance to catch up on the queue. Thank you for your patience.

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