In re, Angels with Scaly Wings

lipsumdrake 2015-10-31

Lorem: Eeeeeee! We’re going to be in a new game!

Ipsum: Now now, that’s not entirely guaranteed. Let’s allow our writer explain what’s going on here.

So after much deliberation and conversing with the project owner, I decided to pay top tier to Angels with Scaly Wings (formerly, Dragon Dating Sim). This means that not only will the project fund, but Lorem and Ipsum will very likely feature as major characters in the final plot of the game.

This isn’t a decision made lightly. The Sponsor tier is about the cost of a new, high-end computer, and is happening at a time when I’m buying a home (read: need to keep a reasonable buffer for repairs, moving expenses, and surprises). I ultimately did this to give the developers more flexibility in a game I would very much like to exist. Within reason, I also want to take an active role in helping them design the game.

As those who follow this little comic know, I had wanted to develop a game featuring these two dragons for at least the past year. Domestic difficulties put that on hold for several months. But, now that those are settled, this seems like the perfect fit for them and the constraints on my time — doubly so in that the settings for the game’s demo and this comic are very similar. The numbers also worked out — both in terms of the costs of their time and in what I can afford in both time and funding to this project — so I went ahead and made it official.

Now for what that means for this comic: I still intend to make posts featuring my comic dragons from time to time, but these should be considered non-canonical for purposes of the game. I need to work out many of the particulars with the game’s development team to understand what they want out of their game, and ultimately, I will defer to the story they want to tell. This means that I may not know all of the details or canon they have in mind, especially as the game approaches its expected release date in 2016. I also don’t plan to give spoilers or hints, so please don’t ask.

Oh, and do give the developers your support if you have the means to do so. Their demo is charming and full of wit, and I do recommend sticking with it through at least one of the endings.

Lorem: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~! *CRASH*

Ipsum: Oh, dear. Third time today. I’ll handle it!


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