Dragon Earth

sulmere asks: What world do you live on? An alternate earth? Secretly on “earth prime?” Somewhere else altogether?   The comic dragons hail from an Earth very similar to our own, except not all of the large dinosaurs went extinct. We know the surviving ones on our own planet as having evolved into birds and reptiles,…Read more »

Fire Breathing

DarkTaleTip asks: Can you breathe fire?   A longer comic than usual, because this weekend was rather prolific. This is the first of two comics posted today! In short: the comic dragons do not have very developed fire breath, with Ipsum not being able to breathe fire at all. Only large dragons, who were not disadvantaged…Read more »

Dragon Sizes

Dav Edward asks: How wildly in sizes do the dragons come in? How do you cope with being a tiny dragon, and are you handled a lot due to your size?   The first of the ask posts for my comic dragons. Ask them anything! They certainly don’t mind. Since I’ll be traveling for most of late July…Read more »

Ask the comic dragons anything!

I’m opening the ask box on http://goldkin.tumblr.com/ask to ask my comic dragons anything. You can of course post questions publicly or to other social media accounts, but this will give you the ability to anon ask, too. Have a question for these drakes? Ask away!

Game Experimentation

I’m going to try implementing that game. Still figuring out whether I want to make something elaborate of it, but more likely, it’ll be a simple 2D fare. This is a catch-up post, since I wasn’t able to post this during the week! We had a bit of a scare here with a roommate breaking…Read more »

Character Creation

  While this is still a fictional story arc, there’s a very real risk I will try making this game. My mental image for it is sort of this bizarre cross between Rune Factory and Animal Crossing, with elements of the much older Creatures series added in. Suffice it, I’ve been thinking about how to…Read more »


Today’s comic is a set of digital illustrations done in Colors 3D. I decided to give it a try, to see whether comic writing translated to it better than my skill with paper media. Each of the images also has a WIP video if you click it, should you be curious about how it was produced. Do…Read more »